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Is Caffeinated Water Better for Your Teeth Than Tea?

Posted on 10/30/2019 by VistaDental
Is Caffeinated Water Better for Your Teeth Than Tea?Tea might cause damage to one's teeth by adding acid to our mouths. While water happens to the drink that gets us through the day, tea is also an essential component of our day to day lives. Thus, if you need to have both water and tea, is caffeinated water the right solution for our oral health?

Caffeine Is Not Too Bad For Your Oral Health

It's important to point out that not all types or forms of caffeine terrible for your oral health. While there might be some disadvantages to drinking tea, there also happens to be some advantages as well. Green tea is widely known as a great way of boosting brain activity without experiencing the downsides of coffee.

On top of that, research shows that it also can fight the impact of gum diseases. Green tea also helps keep our bodies naturally healthy. However, you have to take the green tea unsweetened.

Black tea, the most popular caffeinated drink in the world, also has several benefits. Though it can stain your teeth, the effect is often less than that of coffee. However, black tea also has a high fluoride content, thereby making it ideal for a person who is at risk of developing tooth decay.

Is Caffeinated Water the Answer?

The newest caffeinated drink, caffeinated water not only gives you the numerous oral benefits that water presents us with, but it also offers us the stimulation that we receive from water. There are a number of varieties of caffeinated water on the market, thereby catering for the needs of every person.

If you need to pick a drink in the morning to get you charged up, then use one. You should also ensure that the drink is in its purest form. Contact us regarding your preferred drink of choice to find out whether there is a healthier option out there for you.

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